Approximate picking dates/weather permitting


Yellow Peaches

  1. Flamin’ Furry/PF 5- Late June  (cling stone)
  2. Sentry-Late June to Early July (semi-cling)
  3. Starfire-Early to mid July (free stone)
  4. John Boy-Early to mid July (free stone)
  5. Flamin’ Furry/PF 17-Mid July (free stone)
  6. Sunhigh-Mid to Late July (free stone)
  7. Loring-Late July early August (free stone)
  8. Summer Breeze-Early to Mid August (free stone)
  9. Crest Haven-mid to late August (free stone)
  10. Flamin’ Furry/PF 28-mid to late August (free stone)
  11. Laurol –late August to early September (free stone)
  12. Victoria-late August to early September (free stone)

White Peaches

**All of our white peaches are free stone**

  1. Sugar May-Early to mid July
  2. Snowbrite-mid July
  3. White Lady-mid July
  4. Klondike-mid to late July
  5. Sugar Giant-early to mid August
  6. Snow King-early September to mid September
  7. September Snow-early to mid September


This fruit is a cross between a plum and an apricot.  They are unique appearance and flavor.  The skin can be green when the flesh a vibrant red.  The flavor is more along the lines of a sweet plum.

  1. Dapple Dandy-mid to late August
  2. Flavor Grenade-mid to late August
  3. Flavor Heart-mid to late August
  4. Flavor King-mid to late August
  5. Flavor Gem-mid to late August



They will ripening from mid July to late August